LinkedIn NY  | Acrylicize | Empire State Building

Photo: Bradford Devins / OWLEY Studios

Opportunity appears when the right combination of people, circumstances, and challenges align to re-imagine what is possible. Throughout the Floor 15 elevator bank I create designs that convey the potential for change. 

The bespoke mural, wallpaper, or mixed media installation will extended throughout the full length of the elevator bank. This area acts as a central hub for all staff members and clients entering LinkedIn's office space.

With a background in graphic design and a love of Black vintage media I have found ways of bringing the past into the present, that help us play with our reality through combinations of colors, textures and flowing gestures. The murals I have made are a medley of vector illustrations and scanned images from magazines that will be printed on vinyl and applied to the wall creating a space of energy and movement that will spark a playful sense of imagination and guide people towards success.

East Wall Design
West Wall Design
©Dana Robinson | Brooklyn, NY