Turtle Shell | Turley Gallery, Hudson, NY

The Women’s Work, Volume 4 pieces use found and digitally printed fabric, sewn together into a collaged patchwork. “The power of fabric in the form of clothing is undeniable. Its ability to shield us as well as give us access into certain settings makes its existence important, attractive, and omnipresent even in the context of nakedness. The dots seen on the digitally printed portions mirror the printer's marks often found on packs of cigarettes. Man may work from sun to sun; but woman's work is never done.” The ongoing project serves as a commentary on the ongoing labor that women face in their daily lives.

Ebony Reprinted monoprints offer a unique perspective on mass-produced advertisements, with the humans at the center of the ads becoming more abstract and present through the heavy use of paint applied, pressed, and removed. “My monoprints present the healing possibilities of abstraction.”

The collage work on wood panels expands Robinson’s visual language, with the works serving as diary entries or essays. When examined closely, they reveal words, paragraphs, and pages.

Finally, the paintings on raw canvas showcase Robinson’s continued practice of reproducing mass media images. These works showcase the beauty and humanity of poorly reproduced images that are often viewed as undesirable. Robinson is able to find this often-overlooked beauty.

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©Dana Robinson | Brooklyn, NY