Wassaic Project, What Comes After | Wassaic, NY

The work is about a refusal to be static, or defined by a clarity where a white background is the optimal way of viewing the work. No matter what the background is, the space that contains the work becomes an inseparable part of the work itself. It interrogates the space and the viewers desire to see, where and how we view work is not done in a vacuum, neutral does not exist.

The color in these works are an inseparable part of the silk. Using dye, there is a permanence, and stern boldness to the works even as the transparency of the material may threaten to make the image disappear into its surrounding as the light changes in a sunlit room. The hyper visibility and the complete willingness to ignore me is something that I am playing with in this work. My identity brings me into the forefront especially since in many spaces I am in, I am the one, or one of the few. As a woman I am expected to fade into the background to be overly flexible and agreeable. I oscillate between these expectations/ experiences. With this work, I play with the viewer's desire to clearly see the work. Just as I want to be seen in the world as fully human, but in many situations it's something I am not allowed to have, I will not allow them to see the work as a single image, they will have to view the work with the layers of the space that it’s contained within.

©Dana Robinson | Brooklyn, NY